Album Info

Released: 2000

Recorded: 2000

Genre: Folk/Traditional

Length: 48:54

Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): Tan Su Loke (EP), Pak Ngah, S.Atan, To'Ki, Rosli Selasih

Sahmura is the sixth studio album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 2001. It was released in the same year as Safa, having two albums in a year is something not many artist are capable off.This is her first full folk/traditional album that contain original songs from famous traditional composers. "Balqis" is the most popular song in this album. This song had won numourous awards, some of them were, Song Champion at Anugerah Juara Lagu 2000 and Most Popular Song at Anugerah Planet Muzik 2001. Also notable songs are "Joget Kasih Tak Sudah", "Ya Maulai" and "Mahligai Permata".

Released: 1999

Recorded: 1998-1999

Genre: PopLength: 49:59

Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): Azmeer, Zulkefli Majid, Helen Yap, Adnan Abu Hassan, Siso, Mark Wong, Ajai, Ross Ariffin, Alfa/Rummie & Salman

Pancawarna is the fifth studio album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 1999."Kau Kekasihku" is the most highlighted song in this album for its popularity plus the voice of Siti Nurhaliza, the composition by Ajai and the melancholic lyrics by Alam Maya. It is said to have been the first song ever composed by Ajai himself to Siti.Almost every song in this album really challenge Siti's vocal performance and the most highly enduring songs would be "Kurniaan Dalam Samaran" and "Nian Di Hati". In "Lembaran Cinta Pudar", Siti made an attempt to have a brief monologue which is quite intriguing to listeners.The song "Lelaki (warkah seorang anak)" was speacially dedicated to former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. The lyrics was written by Habsah Hassan and composed by one of the Kopratasa's member (Siso). This song is made special just for him as a rememberence of his contribution to Malaysia.

Released: 1998

Recorded: 1997-1998

Genre: Pop


Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): Adnan Abu Hassan, Azmeer, Salman, LY, Johari Teh, Azlan Abu Hassan

Adiwarna is the forth studio album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 1998.Featuring hit song, "Purnama Merindu", the first one recorded for this album. "Diari Hatimu" was originally intended for her second album, but never made it then, so, it's re-recorded for this album.This album has been selected for the Best Album of The Year during AIM 1999. It has also received 4 Platinum Award Album "Adiwarna" of its successful sales.

Released: 1997

Recorded: 1997

Genre: Ethnic, Folk,Traditional

Length: 44:24

Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): Pak Ngah, S.Atan

Cindai is the third solo album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 1997. This is the second album she released in the same year.Cindai would be the first attempt by Siti to sing in Malay Traditional Folk songs. It has been the most memorable album in the 90's for its impact in the Malaysian music industry. The song called "Cindai" has been nominated for the best song in the 90's.After the successful debut "Sri Mersing" in her second album she later on committed on recording a fully traditional Malay album. Although the entire songs of the album are not fully composed by the composer but her stunning voice made the songs her own song. There were only 2 singles which have been fully composed by the producer namely "Cindai" and "Joget Berhibur".

Released: 1997

Recorded: 1996-1997

Genre: PopLength: 44:37

Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): LY, Azmeer

Siti Nurhaliza is the second studio album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza of the same name released in 1997.In the second 'self-titled' album, "Aku Cinta Padamu" shoots her to stardom in the year 1997. This catchy song was so good that it penetrated the demanding Indonesian market for the first time and was well received by the music lovers there. A feat, that only a handful of Malaysian artistes were capable of doing. She was then invited the same year to perform a special one-hour show for a television station there. This move made Siti even more popular in this region.The song "Aku Cinta Padamu" was then retitled into Indonesian jazzy version of "Betapa Ku Cinta Padamu".This album started to gain recognition from RIM and made her to receive 6 times Platinum for her Album "Aku Cinta Padamu". It was said to have sold over 150,000 copies within a month.

Released: April 1, 1996

Recorded: 1995-1996

Genre: Pop

Length: 45:01

Label: Suria Records

Producer(s): Adnan Abu Hassan, Fauzi Marzuki, Peter Fam

Siti Nurhaliza is the debut album from Malaysian pop singer Siti Nurhaliza released in 1996.This is the first album of Siti Nurhaliza after her success in the contest held by RTM (Bintang RTM) 1995. Fully produced by Adnan Abu Hasan a renowned composer in Malaysia. It was launced on 1 April 1996 using her name as the title of the album. This album is entirely focused on pop and ballad genre with its famous single "Jerat Percintaan" which later on successfully won the Juara Lagu competition held by TV3 the same year.